The current pandemic has halted some services around the world. It has put danger not only in the lives of people but also to the existing businesses.

If you’re looking for a way to stay mindful of your online presence, your business, and your team, there are ways to cope and align your business strategy to the current situation.

Here are some tips Hello Digital Marketing compiled to help you improve your business and  website design in the time of COVID-19:

1. Get in touch

Maximize your web presence by reaching out to your employees, customers, or vendors. Send messages or updates to them via your e-newsletter. If there are policy updates or other types of development underway, let them know. If you want to cheer them up or ask how they’re doing, send the message.

It is the best time for you to show how much you care about the people making your business possible.

2. Level up your website’s e-commerce functionality

While no one knows when this situation will end, you can take this opportunity to develop your site’s e-commerce functionality. If there is a demand for your product or service, make customers’ experience better through upgrading this feature on your site.

Make sure all details are complete. If you sell a product, it should have a price, inventory transparency, product information, and notes for those you cannot offer because of the quarantine measures. That will make everything easier for you and your customers.

3. Upgrade your intranet for your employees

If you’re having a hard time consolidating all the information for your employees, try using one platform for your communication. Utilize your website’s intranet feature and integrate your favourite apps or file-sharing and scheduling tools in it.

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You get to make the most out of your website, and you get to fix one problem to help your company not only at the time of crisis but also in the long run.

4. Make your business accessible

The beauty of the internet is that it brings people together. If the service you offer requires human interaction, you can still continue with your business through video calls or providing online presentations and tutorials. You can even set up a one-on-one or group meeting, whichever suits your needs.

5. Make a master list

In every business, there is one person who knows all the passwords and critical information. Whether it is you or a trusted employee, what you should create is a master list. Make sure all information any employee or the next-in-line will need in case you get sick will be readily available.

6. Review your expenses

The pandemic time is difficult to gauge. You have no idea how long this will last. The best thing to do is to be extra careful with your actions. One thing you can do is check your digital marketing expenses. You might be some running campaigns you need to reconsider or put on hold. Check which ones work and check which needs to stop. Evaluate and observe in the coming weeks.


The current situation may require you to pause and put things down for a while, but not everything needs to stop. What you can do is to think of ways your business and site can cope. A great businessman will find ways to take care of his business and his people. We’re also here to help you do that job!

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If you find any of these tips applicable to your site, contact us and we’ll help you. We are a website design company based in Florida available to help you wherever you are worldwide.

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