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July 18, 2015
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July 26, 2015

fb2I remember when I was young, and my mother would stand for hours in the kitchen, talking to her friends on a phone that was still attached to the wall. Growing up that was the main means of contact. Contact was still personal. In the last ten years that has changed. Facebook has played a major role in the last decade of how we interact with one another, business, and interests.

As of 2013 Facebook had acquired more than 500 million active users. 250 millions of those users are Facebook mobile users. These numbers give us some idea of the networking capabilities of using Facebook, as well the potential for growth.

The image below shows us a bit of insight into how this global giant is connected.

Facebook Now

So how large is Facebook? We you can think of it like this, if Facebook was a country, they would be the largest country in existence. They would also be the most connected and the most knowledgable about its society, being able to look at almost every facet of everyday life.

So how does this relate to your business?

As of 2015

1.44 Billion Users

That number is huge! And it carries with it a lot of potential for your website or business. Every time you log on to Facebook you now have direct access to 1.44 billion potential views, customers, and sales. That would make Facebook one of the largest databases for business owners. And Facebook is beyond just connecting you to your customers, you also have the potential to learn about their likes, and dislikes, and adjust your business plans based on following those trends.

If you are a website owner this is important, as everything being so transient online, is constantly changing. You can get a lot of insight into the ways your customers are reacting to your business, how trends are changing.

945 Million Mobile Users

This means that 945 million people take Facebook with them wherever they go! Not many people leave home without their smart phones these days, as technology is a way of life, and communication. Content and offers can now be changed and updated in real time! You don’t have to wait for the sales circular anymore. This means you can change the pace of which your website or business operates. You can continue to post, update, and offer promotions, and your customers will not miss any of those. This can drive sales and traffic much faster than the traditional routes. Even better is the fact that their is no cap on potential. As long as you don’t stop you can keep going as fast as you want.

We should also mention all this info, and all these updates, well, they are delivered right to the mobile device of your user, completely and utterly free of charge.


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