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The Ins and Outs of using custom imagery

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A good web designer will always look for fresh content ideas, that go beyond what others have done. Its important that every design element you pick for your site will positively impact the experience of the user. One aspect of your website where this is particularly true is imagery and stock imagery. And though we have all selected stock photography from Shutterstock or other sources, there are many benefits that can be reaped by creating your own original imagery.

Hiring a Photographer

Initially the cost of hiring a photographer can be more than using stock imagery. However, when you consider in the long term the benefits of that cost. The photos are yours to use however you want, as many times as you want, which isn’t the case for stock imagery. Hiring a photographer is a great investment particularly if you are running an e-commerce store, and are selling your own products. True there may be even more costs of hiring a model or two, but the long term advantages are the your pictures are unique, worn by real individuals and not photoshopped onto a mannequin. Of course if you are a larger outfit you may want to take on the expense of hiring a freelance or full time photographer to add to your staff.

The Advantages to Your Brand

For example, recently a client wanted our advice on a online bridal boutique they were building. In this case particularly the images were not working well because being straight from Shutterstock, when index, these images are shown the same from various sources, making the images not unique for your branding. Plus beyond the immediate public that doesn’t pay attention to what they are actually looking at, experienced web users will immediately recognize the difference between original content and stock. ¬†Creating and then using your own stock photography can be invaluable in your users experience.

You Get To Control The Vision

Although there are many times that using stock photography is beneficial such as blogs and corporate sites, creating a different type of media that is of your own vision can be an invaluable asset to your website or business. In doing this you control every aspect of the design appearance of your site.

A very interesting example of this is a site we came across recently. The web designer in this case took this advice into consideration, and created a completely unique experience for their viewers.

You Can Now Buy A Digital Camera and Do It Yourself!

With digital photography equipment being more affordable to every day individuals, you can even create your own stock images for your site!

How to Get Started?

Visit the following links for a place to get started on creating your own original stock photography for your projects.

10 Sure-Fire Tips for Creating Your Own Stock Photos


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