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Below you will find some of the most common mistakes every new designer makes. Once you know the 5 Mistakes Every New Designer Makes, you will be more apt to avoid them in your design endeavors.

no comprede1. Not Understanding the Task

The first mistake new designers make is not understanding completely what their client wants. Make sure that you listen to a clients needs in full, and take appropriate notes during discussion, that you can refer to while creating their needed designs.



 2. Using the Wrong Fonts

Picking the right fonts is essential to any design project. The font not only reflects the content and brand, but must be pleasing to the user. There are many font sites available, where designers can use fonts, but beware of the pitfalls. You may run into copyright issues down the road and have to restart your work from scratch.

For long term professional services, consider using and buying  a professional font list. It may cost more initially, however you will have your own list that you know won’t have copyright issues, and will be free to refer to throughout your design career.


3. Using too Many Different FontsFonts

Another common mistake new designers make is using too many different font choices in one space. Sometimes this tactic is appropriate, which is rarely; for the most part stick to one font or two tops if you are using a different font for titles and headlines. When you use too many fonts in one space, it causes the user to be distracted and makes it difficult for the selection to retain interest.


4. Failing to Proof Read and Review Their Work

In the beginning we don’t have the eye for detail that season veterans have. It is very important to avoid this common mistake every new designer makes. Make sure that you proof read and have a friend or family member also review and proof read your work. Nothing is more embarrassing than submitting a work that has common spelling mistakes.


5. Don’t Follow Logo Trends or Design Trends

Make sure that you are tailoring your designs towards your clients needs. Following design trends such as flat designs or 3d can be detrimental. You must consider each project individually. Consider the one asking you to make the design individually. Its not until you have established reputation that you are able to completely submit ideas beyond their own.

This is not to say that you may not inject your creativity into a clients vision. This is more of a people are usually looking for something in particular. Every person as an individual has an idea of what looks good to them. Its important in the beginning to be able to interpret the vision the client is bringing to you, and respond creatively.

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