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Welcome To Revel Design

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“Simplicity, carried to an an extreme, becomes elegance.” Jon Franklin

In 2013, after five years of catering to the design needs of corporate America, Revel Design was born. We brought with us some of the most simplistically talented designers in the industry.

Our designs are a forward flowing extension of our passion and personalities, and we as individuals felt the need to break out of the common mold and take our passions and designs to a higher level.

We specialize in working with small business and the individual, because we feel this is the best way to utilize our creative talents, and provide exceptional service.

Revel Design is striving to develop long term business relationships with our clients, on any working budget. Simply said, "We want to make your business better through our creativity".

  • Website Design

    Beautiful Simplistic Web Design, our customer satisfaction has been 99%

  • IT Management

    Handling your IT Needs, our customer satisfaction has been 99%

  • Internet Marketing

    Handling your Marketing and SEO, our customer satisfaction has been 99%

  • Graphic Design

    In Beautiful Minimalist Designs, our customer satisfaction has been 99%

The Revel Design Team

Young, Passionate, and Cutting Edge
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Owner / Sr. Web Developer / IT
Born in NYC, David has been involved in creative endeavors from professional photography, to Web Design. He has created some of the industries most simplistic beautiful designs seen on the internet.
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Jr. Web Developer
Gabe was born in Florida, and graduated from college with a degree in Computer Programming. In a short time he has quickly established himself through creativity and his ability to create custom code solutions.
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Graphic Design
DeQuan, has been a creative influence with the rebranding of many different companies. He has proved to be masterful in his creative craft. His free-flowing simplisitc designs have been continuing to set the bar high in the industry.
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Account Manager
Tonya is also from NYC. She has been handling finance for big companies since she graduated university. She is to numbers what we are to design, and always a true smile around the office.


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